Instructions for creating a business profile

Monday - 16/10/2023 07:33
The following article will provide detailed instructions on how to create a business profile to participate in bidding on the first private bidding network in Vietnam: DauThau.Net
Instructions for creating a business profile

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1. Why create a business profile?

When participating in a bidding regardless of the capital source, the first thing to be able to participate in the bidding is that you need to declare documents for the business you are managing or working for, whether you are a contractor or the party inviting bids. Declaration is mandatory to ensure your legal rights and obligations on the system.

2. Instructions for creating a business profile

To create a business profile on DauThau.Net, please do one of the following two ways:

Method 1: Create step by step with Business Listing Management

  • Step 1: Access the menuMember ⇒ SelectManagement of business records⇒ SelectCreate new profile
Figure 1 Access to create a new profile
Figure 1. Access to create a new profile
  • Step 2: After selecting Create new profile, the system will display a declaration request form, including mandatory declaration items marked (*), the required declaration contents are as follows:
Figure 2 Form for declaring profile information
Figure 2. Form for declaring profile information


  • There are 5 types of records:: Domestic company; Foreign enterprises; Individual business households; Team/Group; Individual/Professional;

  • The type includes 7 types as follows: Private enterprise; Limited liability company; Joint stock company; Partnerships; Cooperative; Joint venture; Companies with 100% foreign capital

*** Note: When declaring the company tax code correctly, the system can automatically retrieve some information from the business registration system and automatically fill in the optional declaration section below. You just need to press the Yes function button and the system will automatically retrieve data.
Figure 3 Notification dialog box
Figure 3. Notification dialog box
  • Step 3: At Career You type in keywords related to the products and services your business is doing ⇒ Select Search for professions ⇒ At section Suggest: with the keyword you have entered, the system will appear an industry code according to the current industry code system ⇒ Select one or several occupations and the suggestions below will appear that match the business registration of your unit.
Figure 5 Select industry for business profile
Figure 5. Select industry for business profile
  • Step 5: After completing the declaration and selecting the profession, we finish by clicking selectSave changes to proceed to the step of authenticating business records.

Method 2: Create a business profile by Request management permission in the Contacts menu

In addition to manually creating a business profile like method 1, your business can also do thisCreate a business profile in the following way, much simpler and easier:

danh bạ doanh nghiệp
Figure 6. Select business type in the Contacts menu
  • Step 2: Enter the user's business name in the search form ⇒ Select Search.

Figure 7 Enter the business name in the search box
Figure 7. Enter the business name in the search box
  • Step 3: After successfully searching for the business name, the system will display asFigure 8. The user clicks the button Confirm owner ⇒ Check the box “I'm not a robot”.

Figure 8 Click the Confirm owner button
Figure 8. Click the Confirm owner button
  • Step 4: After successful confirmation, the system will switch to the page Create new profile likeFigure 9. User enters required information (*) ⇒ Select “I'm not a robot” ⇒ Press Add new.


Hồ sơ doanh nghiệp
Figure 9. The system switches to the Create new profile page, the user needs to enter the required information fields in the declaration form
Thus, in addition to method 1 which is manual step by step, businesses can choose method 2 as instructed above to create a business profile on DauThau.Net, which will be simple, easy and economical. Save maximum time entering declaration information.
After completing the steps to create a new profile in 1 of 2 ways shared by DauThau.Net, your business needs to proceed.Verify profile can participate in bidding.
For more detailed information, please contact DauThau.Net immediately:
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