Instructions for posting projects

Saturday, 21 October 2023 10:39 AM
To post your project to the private bidding network - DauThau.Net, you need to follow the instructions below. Follow the article now to know how to do it!
Instructions for posting projects
Instructions for posting projects
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1. Why post projects?

A project is a collection of general descriptions and solutions to achieve a specific goal. Therefore, posting the project will help contractors have more information during the bidding process, and also help the Procuring Entity easily manage and control issues to be able to complete the project. .

2. Access to post projects

To be able to manage project posting, you do the following:

On the DauThau.Net homepage, select Menu Bid solicitors ⇒ Select Project management

quản lý dự án
Picture 1: Access to project management

Add new project

To add a bidding project, follow these steps:

Step 1: Access Project Management (see Picture 1), the screen will appear as shown below.

thông tin dự án
Picture 3: Declaring a new project according to the sample form

Information fields that need to be declared in the registration form include mandatory and optional fields, specifically:


Information field


Mandatory declaration (Contents marked with (*) are mandatory declaration)

Name of project

Declare the project name set by the customer or the project name in the approved investment project (if any)

Execution time

Declare the expected project implementation time, the system allows declaration in the format Month/Year (eg January 2023) or Quarter/Year (eg I/2023)


Declare the location where the project will be implemented


Select the unit as the Project Investor

Note: The investor can be the individual or company whose account has been declared and authenticated

Declaration is not required

Total investment

Declaring capital sources if capital sources can be clearly identified, including 4 types:

  • Equity capital

  • Loans

  • State capital

  • Other mobilized capital


Declaring the expected project implementation time, the system allows declaration in the following format:

Month/Year (eg January 2023) or Quarter/Year (eg I/2023)

Time of announcement

Here you enter the project's announcement time

Describe project

You declare information related to the project so that the contractor can understand more about the project before deciding to participate in the bidding.

Attached files

Upload project description files (if any) to the system

 Step 2: Fill in additional project information in the form, then click Draft or Post test or Save changes publicly

  • Draft: for businesses that just want to save the project on the system, but do not want to make it public yet, possibly because the information is incomplete. At this time, the project status section will display Post Draft as shown below.

đăng nháp dự án
Picture 4: Select post project draft
  • Post public: for projects that have complete information and businesses are ready to publish on the system. At this time, the project status will display Posted publicly as shown below.
đăng công khai dự án
Picture 5: Select Post publicly

Modify the project

After the project has been added to the system, you can edit to update new information for this project (if any). For each project edit, the Project Code will also record the corresponding change (nth through identifying the ending number -0n or -nn).

The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Access the Project Management function ⇒ Select the Edit button

sửa dự án
Picture 6: Select edit project

Step 2: Fill in the information that needs to be edited in the project and then select Draft

sửa thông tin
Picture 7: Edit project information

Delete project

For projects in Draft status, the system allows you to completely delete them from the system. To delete a project, do the following:

Step 1: Access the Project Management function ⇒ Click the Delete button in the Functions section

xóa dự án
Picture 8: Delete project

Step 2: A popup appears, click OK to delete the project

xác nhận xóa dự án
Picture 9: Select OK to delete

Cancel project

For projects that have been posted publicly, the system only allows Cancellation, not deletion like Posted Draft projects.

How to cancel a project is as follows:

Step 1: Access the Project Management function ⇒ Select the Cancel button in the Functions section

hủy dự án
Hình 10: Hủy dự án

Step 2: A Popup screen appears, fill in the Reason for canceling the project and click OK to Cancel the project.

xác nhận hủy dự án
Picture 11: Reasons for project cancellation

The above shares from DauThau.Net on how to post projects will hopefully be useful to you in the process of learning and working. If you have any questions and need support, please contact DauThau.Net via hotline 0904.634.288 - 024.8888.4288 or messenger: for quick advice and support!

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