Introducing the business connection model on DauThau.Net

Do you wonder how DauThau.Net can help effectively connect buyers and sellers? That's because we use the traditional bidding model combined with our smart algorithms. This eliminates the disadvantages of traditional bidding and leverages the power of modern technology being used for e-commerce and social media platforms. Let's explore the business connection process on DauThau.Net!

Nhấn VÀO ĐÂY để chuyển bài viết sang bản tin tiếng Việt

Using a traditional bidding model to ensure business originates from "market demand"

DauThau.Net understands that trade between businesses in Vietnam lacks a suitable digital channel because existing Business to Business (B2B) platforms mainly come from "what we have to offer" (focused on the "supply" side). This leads suppliers to join the platform, but they fail to make sales due to a lack of transactions.

"Demands" on current B2B platforms mainly arise from search queries, with buyers having to find sellers with limited information (based on search keywords). Buyers’ needs are not clearly described. The only option is to describe their needs to potential sellers. Often, these sellers might have ceased operations or changed their business model. This cycle repeats with various sellers, making transactions inconvenient. Buyers can't find the most suitable sellers for their needs.

Tendering/competitive bidding allows buyers to detail their needs, facilitating easier business connections between buyers and sellers. Regrettably, there's no current support for this. Private enterprises can't tender on national bidding websites because the system is outdated (e.g., requires Windows and only runs on Internet Explorer 8, no longer supported by Microsoft), glitchy, hard to use, and involves tedious procedures. Inviting bids on websites is ineffective since not everyone receives this information. Many private conglomerates and foreign enterprises set up their own platforms, but they are ineffective because not every supplier is willing to be present on all platforms to see if there are any suitable offers for them throughout the year.
That's why DauThau.Net was created!

Digitizing the business model through bidding – Realizing a B2B connection platform

Using detailed data provided by buyers during tendering, DauThau.Net, with its experience from years of software deployment on for tens of thousands of contractors in various sectors, has developed a method to accurately connect buying and selling needs, helping buyers find the most suitable sellers.
DauThau.Net isn't just about bidding. We aim for a new generation B2B platform that connects buyers and sellers through our smart algorithms. DauThau.Net will support most of the popular bidding formats as per the bidding law and traditional bidding requests that buyers typically post on websites, send via email to suppliers... DauThau.Net will standardize all B2B transaction models, across all sectors, on a single platform.

Flowchart of the private bidding process (abridged). Steps 1-3-4 are done by the buyer. Step 2 is done by the seller

Leveraging modern technology, experience, and a large contractor database

DauThau.Net is a private bidding network built on the basis of NukeViet software - a product that was awarded the Vietnamese Talent Award in 2011, recommended by the Ministry of Education and Training in Circular No. 08/2010/TT-BGDĐT, priority for use in state agencies and organizations by the Ministry of Information and Communications in Circular 20/2014/TT-BTTTT - therefore DauThau.Net inherits all the preeminent technologies from NukeViet, especially technological advantages over the national bidding network.
DauThau.Net is integrated with, inheriting all the exclusive "Tender Hunting" technology, years of tender data processing experience, and a database of over 24,000 suppliers with over 40,000 accounts, and data from over 100,000 businesses active on the national bidding network.

Model of the future

DauThau.Net aims to be a social networking model for bidding where individuals, businesses, goods/services are interconnected to create value. We value all participants, whether enterprises or individuals within them, focusing on relationships between businesses through transactions. For the first time, professionals can manage their profiles, individuals can manage multiple businesses with a single account, business owners have the right to manage their members and authorize transactions on the system... and there are many more features to support B2B sales, all waiting for you to discover!
DauThau.Net is ready for buyers to tender/invite bids competitively! Join now and embrace the technology of the future today!

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