Upload the tender notice in a brief form

Saturday - 21/10/2023 11:46
This article DauThau.Net will guide you how to post a bidding notice in a brief form on the DauThau.Net system, refer now to know how to do it!
Upload the tender notice in a brief form
Upload the tender notice in a brief form

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1. What is a tender notice?

To be able to conduct bidding, solicit offers or any form of bidding, the first thing the Party soliciting bids needs to do is post a notice inviting bids. It can be understood that the issuance of a notice inviting bids is the start of a bidding process.

2. Access to create Bid Invitation Notice

To be able to upload the Notice of Invitation to Bid to the system, you can access it in two ways as follows:

Method 1: On the DauThau.Net homepage, select the Bidding solicitors Menu ⇒ Select Tender invitation notice management

quản lý tbmt
Picture 1: Method 1 to access bid invitation management

Method 2: At DauThau.Net homepage, select Member Menu ⇒ Select Manage profile/ expert. At the Bid Management dashboard, select Manager bidding

manager bidding
Picture 2: Method 2 to access tender notice management

3. Add tender notice

To post a tender notice to the DauThau.Net system, follow these steps:

Step 1: On the Tender Notice Management page screen, click to switch to the "Post a brief invitation to bid (Competitive Offers)" tab.

đăng tbmt rút gọn
Picture 3: Posting a brief TBMT

Information fields included in the registration form include:


Information field


Mandatory declaration

(Contents marked with (*) are mandatory declarations)

Bidding package name

Name the bidding package that is easy to remember but still ensures the meaning of the bidding package you are implementing

Bidding party 

Allows you to choose the Bidding Party as the individual or company whose account has been declared and authenticated

Place of performance

Allows selection from a pre-listed list

Package description

This is important content for contractors to understand the bidding party's wishes, so you need to describe it in detail.

Offer form

DauThau.Net allows you to choose 1 of 2 forms of offering: Online offering (online) and Direct offering (offline)

Competitive offering field

DauThau.Net has researched and divided into 13 main fields and 39 detailed fields for customers to choose from to ensure the bidding package belongs to the most suitable field category.

Offer closing time

Enter the offer expiration time

Time to open bid documents

Enter the time the soliciting entity opens the bid documents.


Note: The time to open a bid must be after the end of the offer

Khai báo không bắt buộc

Time of announcement

Enter the time when you can start posting the Notice of Invitation to Bid to the system. If you do not select it, the system defaults to the time of posting as the time of completed declaration and click on the Notification of Invitation to Bid/Save Changes button.


Announcing the bidding package estimate or limited budget, this is usually also a way for contractors/suppliers to understand the bidding party's wishes.

Do you have a request for offers?

Is there a request for offer documents?

Calculate file upload capacity for

Tick ​​to select the object that needs to calculate the file upload capacity: Is it the bidding party or the contractor

Step 2: After you have entered all the information in the form above, choose Draft or Post a Test or Post Public

lưu thông tin tbmt
Picture 4: Select Post Draft or Post Test or Post Public

If the bidding package information does not need to be edited or changed, select Post public to post the information to the system. The screen shows the status as Post public as shown below.

đăng công khai tbmt
Picture 5: Public posting status

In case you want to review the bidding package information or save it on the system until the official posting time, select Draft. The screen displays the Post Draft status as shown below.

đăng nháp tbmt
Picture 6: Posting the draft bidding package

4. Modify, delete or cancel TBMT

Modification of notice inviting bids

Step 1: On the Tender Notice Management page screen, you will see all the bidding packages you are managing. To edit the bidding notice, click the "Edit" button in the Function section, illustrated as shown below.

chỉnh sửa tbmt
Picture 7: Editing notice inviting bids

*** Note:

  • For draft bidding packages, amendments do not change the number of bidding notices.
  • For publicly posted bidding packages, modifying the bidding notice will change the TBMT code, the nth change will have the token -0n or -nn.
Step 2: Edit the following information and select Draft or Post a test or Save changes publicly
nút lưu thông tin
Picture 8: Posting the bidding package after editing

Delete notice inviting bids

For bidding packages that are in Draft posting status, the bidding notice can be completely deleted. In case the bidding notice has been posted publicly, the bidding notice can only be canceled but cannot be deleted. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: At the Manage bidding notice function, if you want to Delete (for draft postings), select the Delete function as shown below.

xóa tbmt
Picture 9: Delete notice inviting bids

Step 2: Select OK to delete the bidding package

xác nhận xóa tbmt
Picture 10: Select OK to delete TBMT

Cancel notice of invitation to bid

Step 1: At Manage bidding notice, if you want to Cancel (for public posting), select the Cancel function as shown below.

hủy tbmt
Picture 11: Cancel TBMT function

Step 2: After selecting Cancel, a dialog box will appear on the screen interface, you just need to fill in the reason for canceling and select OK to perform the Cancel operation.

xác nhận hủy tbmt
Picture 12: Enter the reason for canceling the bidding notice

Above is DauThau.Net's sharing on how to post bidding notices in a concise form. Hopefully, with this guide, you will easily be able to handle the process of posting bidding notices. If you have any questions and need support, please contact DauThau.Net via hotline 0904.634.288 - 024.8888.4288 or messenger: http://m.me/dauthau.net for quick advice and support!

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