Instructions for posting the full form of notice inviting tenders

Monday - 23/10/2023 17:36
The following article will guide you on posting the full bidding notice on the DauThau.Net private bidding network system. Let's look at the article.
Instructions for posting the full form of notice inviting tenders

Nhấn VÀO ĐÂY để chuyển bài viết sang bản tin tiếng Việ

1. Add notice inviting bids

  • Step 1: Access to manage bidding notices
Method 1

: From the menu, select Bid Solicitors > select Tender invitation notice management (see Picture 1.1)

method 1
Picture 1.1. Accessed from the Procuring Entity
Method 2

: From the menu select Members > select Manage profile /expert (see Picture 1.2)

Picture 1 2 Access from Members
Picture 1.2. Access from Members
  • Step 2: Select Post full bidding notice.

How to do it: In the Add bidding notice section, select Post full bidding notice (see Picture 1.3)

Picture 1 3 Post full notice inviting bids
Picture 1.3. Post full notice inviting bids
  • Step 3: Declare bidding package information according to the registration form below (see Picture 1.4)
Picture 1 4 Declare bidding package information
Picture 1.4. Declare bidding package information
  • Step 4: Post draft or post publicly

If you do not need to edit or change bidding package information, select Save changes to your business's bidding package information and it will be uploaded to the system and posted as Post Public (see Picture 1.5).

Picture 1 5 Publicly posted bidding package status
Picture 1.5 Publicly posted bidding package status
If you want to review the bid package display again or to save it on the system until the official posting time, select Post Draft, then the status will display Post Draft (see Picture 1.6).
Picture 1.6 Draft posting status

2. Edit the bidding package

In case it is necessary to modify bidding package information, you can modify and supplement the information using the Edit bidding package information function.
  • Step 1: In Tender invitation notice management function, we can see all the bidding packages we are managing. To make modifications in the Function section, click the Edit button (see Picture 2.1).
Picture 2 1 Editing notice inviting bids
Picture 2.1 Editing notice inviting bids
***Note: For currently posted bidding packages, modifications do not change the number of bidding notices. For publicly posted bidding packages, modifying the bidding notice will change the TBMT code, the nth change will have the token -0n or -nn.
  • Step 2: Edit the information that needs to be changed then click the Save changes button

3. Delete or cancel the bidding package

Delete notice inviting bids

For bidding packages that are in Draft Posting status, the bidding notice can be completely deleted from the system. In case the bidding notice has been posted publicly, the bidding notice can only be canceled and cannot be deleted.
  • Step 1: In Tender invitation notice managementfunction, select the Delete function (see Picture 3.1) > Select OK to delete the bidding package.
Picture 3 1 Delete notice inviting bids
Picture 3.1 Delete notice inviting bids
  • Step 2: Select OK to delete the bidding package (see Picture 3.2)
Picture 3 2 Confirming whether to delete the bidding package
Picture 3.2 Confirming whether to delete the bidding package

Cancel notice of invitation to bid

  • Step 1: Access the Bidding Manager function > click the Cancel button in the Functions section (see Picture 3.3)
Picture 3 3 Cancellation of bidding package
Picture 3.3 Cancellation of bidding package
  • Step 2: After selecting Cancel, a dialog box will appear on the screen interface. You only need to fill in the Reason for cancellation and select OK to perform the Cancel operation (see Picture 3.4).
Picture 3 4 Information on contract cancellation
Picture 3.4 Information on contract cancellation
***Note: When canceling a bidding package, the system will ask to enter the reason for canceling the bidding package and will generate a new notice related to canceling that bidding package.

Above is an article with instructions for Post full bidding noticeon Vietnam's first private bidding network DauThau.Net. In case you need support, please contact us immediately:
Sincerely thank you!

Author: Linh Hồ Thị

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