Introducing DauThau.Net - The first private procurement platform in Vietnam

DauThau.Net is the first private bidding platform in Vietnam. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies and operating on an international-standard open system, DauThau.Net helps connect bid solicitors with contractors seamlessly, saving costs and enhancing procurement efficiency.

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Nhấn VÀO ĐÂY để chuyển bài viết sang bản tin tiếng Việt

What is DauThau.Net?

DauThau.Net is the first private bidding platform in Vietnam. The platform supports various purchasing methods as per bidding laws and general business procurement, promoting a healthy competitive environment for all contractors and investors. Its modern technology and international-standard open system streamline the tendering process, making it easier and more efficient to access bidding information.
DauThau.Net is phase 2 of the bidding ecosystem project, developed by Vietnam Open Source Development Joint Stock Company (VINADES). It connects and utilizes resources from phase 1, which has been in development since 2018. During phase 1, we attracted over 80,000 accounts from over 40,000 businesses that registered to participate. In this second phase, we aim to establish a Business - to - Business  (B2B) procurement platform.
The DauThau.Net platform is built on NukeViet software - a product that was awarded the Vietnamese Talent Award in 2011 and recommended by the Ministry of Education and Training in circular 08/2010/TT-BGDĐT. It's also prioritized for use in government agencies as per circular 20/2014/TT-BTTTT. Therefore, DauThau.Net inherits all of NukeViet's superior technological features, especially its technological advantages over the national bidding network.

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Who will use DauThau.Net?

DauThau.Net is designed to support both simple purchasing methods (competitive quoting) and complex bidding processes as defined by bidding laws. Tender organizers can choose their preferred method of inviting tenders, even those simple methods not specified in the bidding laws but commonly used in practice.

All individuals and enterprises eligible under the Bidding Law, looking to invite or participate in tenders, can register as members on DauThau.Net.

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Why should you use the private bidding network DauThau.Net?

DauThau.Net effectively addresses the technological errors found in the national bidding network.

Operating on the open-source NukeViet platform - a product that was awarded the Vietnam Talent Award 2011 and is being used by tens of thousands of websites/portals/applications across various sectors - DauThau.Net functions as a web-based system with advantages such as:

- Ease of use

- Compatibility with modern browsers and operating systems, and doesn't require complicated software installations like the National Procurement System.

- With integrated technology and utilities, it maximizes efficiency in supporting businesses in ways the national bidding network currently cannot. DauThau.Net users will enjoy the following features:

  • Support available modern search technologies and intelligent filtering of bid information (inherited from

  • Send and receive proactive bid information to your email.

  • Cross-link data from multiple sources.

  • Intelligent matching between buyers (bid solicitor) and sellers (contractors). On the contractor's side, the system will help find the most suitable bidding packages for the needs and capacity of the business.

DauThau.Net facilitates business connections between buyers and sellers (B2B)

Bidding activities are no longer confined to traditional frameworks. Any action by either party will trigger the system to find the most suitable counterpart for a transaction.

The private bidding network DauThau.Net goes beyond traditional tenders/invitations/competitive bids. We aim to introduce a next-generation B2B platform that smartly connects buyers and sellers through our intelligent algorithms.

DauThau.Net ensures transparency, economic efficiency, and security

The data on the DauThau.Net private bidding network will be open data, using open standards. We commit that the first private bidding network in Vietnam will be a system where both technology and data will follow the trend that the world is implementing. This will make the system easily integrable, connectable, and expandable in the future, as well as ensure the highest transparency, economic efficiency, and safety for participants.

DauThau.Net has a vast number of participating contractors ready to serve tender organizers.

DauThau.Net was upgraded from - the most professional bid information hunting system in Vietnam launched in 2018 and currently has over 80,000 accounts of more than 40,000 businesses being reputable public procurement contractors nationwide. For any bidding package in any field, we have contractors ready to participate. This means that if you are a contractor/investor needing to implement a project, you just need to post the information on the DauThau.Net system, and over 40,000 reputable businesses in all fields are ready to serve you 24/7.

DauThau.Net is currently the only system with comprehensive data on public procurement and private procurement.

This means that DauThau.Net can help contractors/investors get full information about the capacity of partners. With the large amount of data from the public procurement system over the past 10 years, combined with the modern private procurement platform. Being present on DauThau.Net is inevitable in the context of the growing online shopping but there is no B2B platform in Vietnam to promote trade between businesses. Being on the DauThau.Net private procurement platform helps your business not only be present in front of businesses with procurement needs in the market, but everything is even more specific because the DauThau.Net system will send detailed project and procurement information directly to your email!

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Brochure DauThau.Net

The following is the introduction document "Private bidding network - DauThau.Net", for businesses to refer to to better understand the features and service packages DauThau.Net is providing.

Document content includes:

  1. Open letter
  2. Introducing Bidding Ecosystem Joint Stock Company
  3. Introducing DauThau.Net software
  4. Achievements and awards
  5. Benefits for businesses
  6. Products of DauThau.Net
  7. Contact Info

Introductory document Private bidding network - DauThau.Net
Download the DauThau.Net brochure HERE


The concept of B2B: According to Wikipedia, a business-to-business shopping platform (B2B, ie "Business - to - Business") serves commercial transactions between businesses, such as between manufacturers and consumers. wholesale, or between a wholesaler and a retailer. Opposite of B2C (Business to Consumer) and Business to Government (B2G).

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