The contractor is the bidding party, why not?

Tuesday - 12/09/2023 09:48
For a long time now, the line between the contractor and the party soliciting tenders has been very clear and imprinted in the minds of users. It is almost by default that the contractor is just a contractor and the party soliciting tenders is just inviting tenders, there is rarely a problem. The party calling for bids is the contractor and the contractor is the party calling for bids. But facing the digital revolution that is dramatically changing the way the world operates, we ask the question "The contractor is the one inviting the bid, why not?". Let's find out this issue with DaThau.Net
The contractor is the bidding party, why not?

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The contractor is the bidding party, why not?

For a long time, we have known contractors as miners, always looking to hunt for bidding packages like miners looking for rare minerals. The fact that contractors only know how to search and exploit bidding packages to carry out happens every day. After receiving the bidding package, the contractor's departments will start operating to implement the tasks of the bidding package. there. However, the recent trend is changing somewhat, contractors are gradually growing stronger and at the same time with the strong development of information technology, making the connection between manufacturers and contractors take place completely. Convenience without having to go through other intermediary providers, which will optimize costs as well as accompanying services. Instead of the contractor's procurement and technical departments previously working with partners and suppliers, now those departments have turned into bidding parties to look for manufacturers and service providers. direct service, this can often happen even before a specific bidding package begins to be invited for bids. Thus, from the role of a contractor, the contractor will now have to become the role of a bid solicitor. It will become increasingly easier and simpler for the contractor to invite bids to find manufacturers and service providers. rely more on trading floors and B2B transaction connections. A typical example in Vietnam is the private bidding network DauThau.Net. To learn about the role and main functions, you can see HERE.

When is a contractor call is bidding party?

As mentioned above, when the contractor wants to strongly develop the network of manufacturers supplying it, and at the same time wants to compete on price and optimize costs, the way for the contractor to be the party calling for bids will be is the inevitable path to choose. Bidding for private contractors will become simpler than ever with the help of support tools, then you can imagine it could be as simple as going to Shopee to buy an item. item you are looking for.

Some contractors will later tend to differentiate into specialized general contractors, then the contractor will be from the perspective of a general management contractor - this is also a trend in developed countries - at that time the contractor will The general contractor will almost become an investor/bidder for the bidding packages that this general contractor performs.

Quickly register for free to invite bids to find suppliers on DauThau.Net

In all current public and private bidding platforms, in order for the Procuring Entity to post a notice inviting bids, they must pay a certain fee. However, DauThau.Net's current development roadmap is free if you register for the A-BASIC package (original price is 5,500,000 VND) during this time (Free program depends on the development stage). development and will be updated on the website).

So, quickly register an account and enjoy special support policies while we are testing new features in addition to the functions that have been completed and are currently operating stably on the system. In case you need support, please contact us immediately:

Author: Linh Hồ Thị

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