How to prevent and deal with the bid rigging matter

Monday, 11 September 2023 5:31 PM
Bidding is a phenomenon often mentioned and feared by contractors when they want to participate in a fair bidding for bidding packages that must be carried out according to the 2013 Bidding Law. The following article will suggest some solutions. Ideas to be able to fight against bid and siege
How to prevent and deal with the bid rigging matter

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Phenomenon of corralling and corralling

For bidding packages implemented under the 2013 Bidding Law, the phenomenon of bid rigging is a painful and not uncommon problem. The ultimate purpose of bid rigging, bid blocking or bid collusion is for a certain contractor to win the bid. Such bidding will reduce competition, the winning price is often very close to the estimated price of the bidding package, causing economic damage (due to low price competition) for the Investor/Inviting Party. contractor. Therefore, this is one of the prohibited acts in bidding! Analyzing this current situation, we have an article posted on What is the bid rigging? However, even though it is prohibited, this situation still occurs frequently and is very difficult for contractors to prevent. If you fall into this situation, what should you do?

Secrets to remember to prevent bid traps and bid traps

1. Always know the bidding package information clearly without "revealing"

It's not wrong for some contractors to compare a bidding match to a fruit fight. Therefore, in order for the battle to be successful, the element of surprise is always one of the powerful weapons to fight against siege and siege. To be able to create surprises, you need to firmly grasp the information about the bidding package and tender without "appearing" in front of the investor/bidder. One of the suggestions to do this is that you should use the useful software packages provided by

2. Note "strange" elements in bidding documents

When considering the bidding package, it is necessary to carefully read the bidding documents to detect "strange" elements in the documents requesting qualifications and experience. If found unusual and inappropriate, immediately implement the proposal. recommend to the Procuring Entity.

Previously, there were often problems when accessing and purchasing bidding documents. This phenomenon has recently been pushed back due to the requirement that when posting a bidding notice, it must be included with the bidding documents. In case customers have difficulty accessing the national bidding system to download bidding documents, they can use services and software from some specialized providers.

3. Choose the appropriate time when submitting bid documents

For bid packages submitted online, customers can be completely assured because when submitting bid documents before the bid closing time (can be submitted early), information will not be disclosed at all, the Bidding Party/Owner himself will not be exposed. Private investors cannot know how many contractors are participating. Only when it is time to open the bid does the national bidding system allow the bid opening and only then will we know which contractors are participating in the bidding package. For paper bidding (offiline), to avoid sensitive times when submitting bids, you can choose wisely by submitting bids in advance, noting that when submitting, you must carefully seal the documents, hand over and record them. Delivery and receipt records with the Procuring Entity detailing the status and quantity submitted.

4. Include additional confidentiality clauses in the agreement

For some bidding packages for procurement of goods with specific characteristics of certain manufacturers, when working or signing an agreement to participate in that bidding package, it is necessary to include additional confidentiality clauses to avoid information leaking from here. 

Coming to the private bidding network DauThau.Net will be the place to gather all forms of bidding and bidding for individuals, businesses, business households... to participate. Hopefully, it will open up great opportunities for private contractors to hunt for bidding packages with capital sources other than state capital.

Sincerely thank you!

Author: Linh Hồ Thị

 Tags: contractors
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