Instructions for creating search filters to proactively "hunt" for bidding information

Friday - 03/11/2023 07:20
Currently, when using B-VIP packages such as B-VIP1, B-VIP2 on DauThau.Net software, you will be provided with an automatic filter used to screen proactive bidding information and then send it to your email. daily. This is a feature that saves a lot of time and supports accurate search for bidding information that you are interested in. However, to truly use this feature effectively, you must clearly understand each search function in the filter. What are those functions, how to install and use them? This article will help you answer that question.
Instructions for creating search filters to proactively hunt for bidding information
Instructions for creating search filters to proactively hunt for bidding information

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Instructions for creating search filters to proactively "hunt" for bidding information

To create a search filter to proactively "hunt" for bidding information, follow these steps:

Step 1: Register an account

First, you need to register an account on DauThau.Net software to be able to use the software's functions.

See more: Instructions for registering an account & logging in on DauThau.Net

Step 2: Register the software package

After successfully registering and logging in to your account, you can choose to buy packages B-VIP1, B-VIP2 to search for bidding information using automatic filters. For B-VIP1, B-VIP2 you will have automatic filters and automatic notification via email.

See more: Instructions for registering to use the VIP package on DauThau.Net

For accounts that have not yet upgraded to a B-VIP account, you can still refer to this article to learn how to use DauThau.Net's "Advanced Search" function more effectively.

Step 3: Access the search filter interface

At the DauThau.Net homepage, click on the menuContractors and choose Tender notice, look to the right of the screen and you will see the form "Search for bidding information"

Photo 1 1 Basic bidding information search filter
Photo 1.1 Basic bidding information search filter

For advanced searching, click on the item "Advanced search" to open the advanced search filter interface.

Photo 1 2 Advanced search interface
Photo 1.2 Advanced search interface

For accounts that have registered for B-VIP and have more than 1 filter, to manage and create new filters, in the menu bar, access the Contractors ⇒ Manage search filters to access the filter management page like Photo 1.3, here you can also "Add new filter" as instructed in the next step.

Photo 1 3 Search filter management interface
Photo 1.3 Search filter management interface

Step 4: Install filter

To create a complete filter, there are many information fields that you must declare for the most effective and accurate lookup. Therefore, you need to clearly understand the meaning and effects of the following information fields:

  • Type of search information: In this section you can choose search information including:

    • Tender notice

    • Contractor selection plan

    • Project management

*** Note: Depending on each posted bidding package, the above information items will be provided. Some bidding packages only have the Bid Invitation Notice and Contractor Selection Plan posted, so it is recommended that contractors search for these two pieces of information. If not, then change the type of information.

  • Main keywords: Is the keyword that will be included in the returned results or absent if you request additional information in the next information fields.

*** Note: You are not required to enter this information field. For each search keyword you separate with a "," (comma), you can enter up to 5 keywords in this box. You should also not use single-word keywords, because the result will be a lot of unrelated bids. When setting any keyword, software will search and filter this keyword in all text and characters of all bidding packages. So if you leave a single keyword, there will be countless results that do not meet your needs!

  • Search period: As the name suggests, you can choose the time to search for the information you need. In some cases, if you do not have a specific timeline, you should change this timeline accordingly to get the desired search results.

  • Absolute search: When you check this box, the software will understand that you want to search exactly for the information you have filled in other information fields, including punctuation, keyword content and typographical errors.

    • For example you fill in: Main keyword: Construction. Then, if you check the absolute search box, the software will produce results with the exact keyword "Construction".

  • Additional keywords: Keywords entered in this data field will be required in the bidding package. If you enter 5 keywords, all 5 keywords are required keywords. This keyword field can be used to limit the geographic area that receives bid information.

    • For example, you fill in: Main keywords: Construction, Construction, Design; Additional keywords: software. The software will produce results that must include the keyword "software" and may or may not contain the 3 main keywords "Construction, Construction, Design"

*** Note: You should not use too many keywords in this field, because the rate of bidding packages containing the same keywords will be very low, or even no results will be found. If you want to localize by area, you can put additional keywords here for the area you need to search.

For example: If you want to find a bidding package in Hanoi, just put the additional keyword: "Hanoi" and not "Hanoi City" or "Hanoi, Hung Yen" (Photo 1.4)

Photo 1 4 Example of additional keyword Hanoi
Photo 1.4 Example of additional keyword "Hanoi"

  • Does not contain words: All information with keywords entered in this data field will not appear in the returned search results. Use this field when the search results contain a lot of information that does not meet your needs or is not related to the profession you need. The maximum number of keywords is 5 keywords.

  • Form: Open Bidding or Limited Bidding, leave it alone if you want to search by both.

  • Field of Contractor Selection: You choose according to your business information, if you do not choose, the default software is "All"

  • Methods and Types of Contracts:You choose according to your business information, if you do not choose, the default software is "All"

Step 5: Quickly edit filters

Here, you can also quickly edit the filter you have set up by clicking on the edit filter information button or clicking on "YOUR FILTER" for quick access to the filter management page to update and edit necessary information.

Instructions for synchronizing filters from software to DauThau.Net

In addition, an unprecedented benefit when customers use filters on and DauThau.Net is the ability to synchronize filters on both software, that is, when using filters on, You can also synchronize filters on DauThau.Net.

To use the filter synchronization feature, do the following:

Step 1: At the DauThau.Net homepage, click on the menu Member and choose Manage business records.

Photo 1 5 Managing business records
Photo 1.5 Managing business records

Step 2: At profileIndividual/Expert, click on the funnel icon in section Operation (see Photo 1.6)

Photo 1 6 Personal profileExpert
Photo 1.6 Personal profile/Expert

Step 3: At the screen Manage filters, you perform Select business want to synchronize filters.
Step 4: To synchronize filters, click Come in 

Filter synchronization
Photo 1. 7: Filter synchronization

Above are DauThau.Net's shares on how to create search filters on DauThau.Net and how to synchronize filters (from software to DauThau.Net) to help contractors "hunt" for information. proactive bidding. Hopefully with the above instructions and suggestions, contractors will use search filters more effectively.

If you need support with issues related to private bidding as well as DauThau.Net software packages, please contact a consultant immediately for the fastest and most timely consulting support!

For further information, please contact:

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